Here are some useful Local Words :


A traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. These old palaces are often converted to small guesthouses that retain the architecture and beauty of the era.


A type of medina, Islamic city or fortress. It was a place for the local leader to live and a defense when the city was under attack. One of the unique attributes of a Kasbah is that it has one entrance and exit. There are several Kasbahs throughout Morocco that local people still inhabit to this day.


It is a distinct section of the city, typically walled and contains many narrow and maze-like streets. Many medinas in Morocco date back to the 15th century.


Souks are an open marketplace where merchants display their goods for sale.


Is the Moroccan version of a spa. In Morocco they have separates Hammams for men and women. They are a place to relax, clean your body and receive a massage. Even small villages have a local hammam.


Once you arrive in any small town or city in Morocco you will hear the call to prayer. The call is over a loudspeaker and in Arabic and once you are get used to the sound it becomes very melodic. This takes place five times per day, starting at 5am and ending at 10pm. It is the practice of the Muslim religion to call their people to the mosque for the daily prayers.

Petit-taxi :

These are local taxis that only travel within the city limits. The fares are very reasonable and are a set price for each traveler. The price increases in the evening. You can easily spot a petit-taxi as they are the same colour in each city. For example in Essaouira all of the petit-taxis are blue, in Marrakech they are all yellow, Casablanca they are red etc.

Grand-Taxi :

These are larger vehicles (often very old Mercedes) that provide taxi transportation out of the city and from one city to another. You do not need to negotiate the price for the taxi fare. There is a posted fare price based upon where you are travelling. The maximum per grand tax is six people plus the driver and if there are six others travelling to the same destination you will pay one-sixth of the price. Often you will have to wait awhile to fill up your taxi or you can choose to pay more per person and have a roomier and more comfortable trip. There are grand taxi stands around the bus stations of most cities.