About Morocco :

Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Western Sahara to the south, Algeria to the east and the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla on the Mediterranean coast in the north. It is just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Gibraltar.

The official language is classical Arabic and Berber, but it will surprise the many languages spoken, it is not official, but they speak Moroccan Arabic, French and Spanish, especially in the north.

The climate varies according to the geography of the country, the coast has a warm Mediterranean climate, tempered on the east coast by winds from the southwest, making it a paradise for surfers, in the interior the climate is hot and dry and continental. The south of the country is very hot and dry for most of the year, with cold nights in the months of December and January. The rainy season on the coast is from November to March. The summer temperatures are very high and it is quite dry. The climate is cooler in the mountains.